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Finch Is...

Alex Pappas>>Drums
Derek Dougherty>>Bass
Nate Barcalow>>Vox
Randy Strohmeyer>>Guitar
Alex Linares>>Guitar


"Perfection Through Silence EP" (2001)
"What It Is To Burn" Full Legnth (2002)


Picture The Deftones meets Jimmy Eat World...THAT is Finch.
"What It Is To Burn" Full Length Released!
Finch's lastest album, "What It Is To Burn" was released March 12, 2002. Track listings are as follows...

1: New Beginnings
2: Letters To You
3: Post Script<
4: Grey Matter
5: MatterPerfection Through Silence
6: Awake
7: Without You
8: Stay With Me
9: Project Mayhem
10: Untitled
11: Three Simple Words
12: Ender
13. What It Is To Burn (bonus)

I highly recommend picking up this album. I doubt it will ever get old and the songs sound so much better. The electronics used in recording rock! I'm puttin this album on the top of my list.

Lyrics of the Week
(or whenever i feel like changin them)

"Once again your eyes make it heard to say goodbye, so i'll just keep driving. Where do you wanna go? It doesnt really matter as long as you're here with me. There's something in the air tonite, something that makes me feel alive. What were those words you said to me that made me feel so special?"

"Stay With Me" from What It Is To Burn

Finch, along with the rest of the Drive-Thru Records crew (NFG,Movielife,Starting Line,RX Bandits...), will be at Warped Tour '02. Can't wait to see Finch live.

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